Accomplishment Report 2009: Executive Summary
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Republika ng Pilipinas
Kagawaran ng Katarungan
Tanggapan ng Manananggol Pambayan
DOJ Agencies Building, NIA Rd. cor East Ave. 1104 Diliman, Quezon City
Telephone Nos. 929-90-10/929-94-36; FAX Nos. 927-68-10/ 926-28-78
FOR CY 2009

  • Clients Assisted and Cases Handled:
    • Total No. of Clients Assisted                                           4,154,587
    • Total No. of Cases Handled                                               591,358 
    • Average No. of Clients Assisted by Each Lawyer                2,953
    • Average No. of Cases Handled by Each Lawyer                       42
  • Total No. of Winning Appealed Criminal Cases                                  216
    • Acquittals from Death Penalty                                                    105
    • Acquittals from Reclusion Perpetua                                           53
    • Acquittals from Reclusion Temporal                                          54
    • Modification from Death Penalty to Reclusion Perpetua           2
    • Modification from Death Penalty to Reclusion Temporal          2


  • Total No. of Winning Appealed Civil and Special Cases                    328


  • PAO-Central Office Legal & Medical Jail Visitation and Decongestion Program
    • Total No. of Program Beneficiaries                                      12,653
    • No. of Beneficiaries for Legal Assistance                             2,123
    • No. of Beneficiaries of Medical Assistance                           3,463
    • No. of Beneficiaries of Dental Assistance                                365
    • No. of Reading Glasses Distributed                                      1,360
    • Total No. of Inmates Released                                                5,342


  • Acquittals and Other Favorable Dispositions                                118,619

Accused benefited from:

A. Acquittal                                                                                               10,906

B. Demurrer to evidence granted                                                          1,973

C. Case Provisionally Dismissed                                                       32,040

D. Case Permanently Dismissed                                                       27,170

E. Motion to Quash granted                                                                    1,081

F. Released on Bail                                                                               15,178

G. Motion for Released on Recognizance granted                            8,807

H. Released in accordance with Art.29, RPC                                     6,589

I. Granted with Probation                                                                        1,619

J. Released on other Grounds                                                            13,256


  • Outreach Activities

1. Inquest Investigation & Custodial Interrogation

• Total No. of Clients Assisted                                            117, 840

2. Nationwide Lawyers’ Jail Visitation

• No. of Prisoners Interviewed                                            178, 168

• No. of Prisoners Provided With Assistance                   211, 643

3. 24/7 Legal Counseling & Inquest Proceedings Assistance

• Provides inquest service to indigent individuals during night time,

weekends and holidays at the PAO-Central Office since October 2009

• Provides a ready counsel for advice and assistance in police precincts

apprehending alleged suspects of crime

  • Trainings and Seminars Attended                                                             55
    • Training Participants
      • Lawyers                                                                           1,461
      • Support Personnel                                                              22


  • Case Load
  • Out of 137,593 terminated criminal cases, there were 95,679 or about 69.56\\\\\\\\\% favorable dispositions obtained by the Public Attorneys from representing indigent clients.

    • Total number of cases involving Women Clients              69,404
    • Total number of cases terminated                                       26,037
    • Terminated Cases favorable to Women                             15,703
    • (60.31\\\\\\\\\%)
    • Total number of cases involving Children in


  • Conflict with the Law (CICL) 14,785
    • Total number of cases terminated                                         4,254
    • Terminated Cases favorable to CICL                                    3,504
    • (82.37\\\\\\\\%)


  • Total No. of Communications/Response to Requests
    Signed by the Chief Public Attorney                                                  35,480


  • Total number of clients assisted by the
    PAO-National Labor Relations Commission (NLRC)
    Sub-Station located at Banawe, Quezon City                                    7,832


  • Total number of research works and legal
    opinions for queries from the public that
    were either directly addressed or otherwise
    referred to the PAO                                                                                    255

  •  The Chief Public Attorney received the following prestigious award, to wit:

1. Discovery of the Year Award (Category: Poetry) given by the Aliw Awards Foundation Incorporated on November 17, 2009 at the Megatent, Pasig City;

2. Ulirang Ina Award for Law and Judiciary given bythe National Mother’s Day & Father’s Day Foundation, Inc. Ulirang Ina Awards Committee on May 10, 2009 at the Kachina Ballroom, Century Park Hotel, Malate, Manila;

3. Up Close and Personal with Marissa del Mar 1st Impact Awards (Awardee for Good Governance-Executive) given by Millicent Productions on March 2, 2009 at the Blue Leaf, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.


  • The Chief Public Attorney attended the following local trainings and seminars:

1. Speaker, Competency and Skills Development Training-Workshop/Seminar for Public Attorneys in Handling CICL and Women and Their Children Victims of Violence (Pursuant to PAO MC Nos. 7 & 8, S. 2007 in Relation to RA No. 9262), November 25-27, 2009, Palo, Leyte;


2. Panelist/Reactor, Multi-Sectoral Seminar Workshop on Agrarian Justice for the Province of Quezon, conducted by the Agrarian Justice Foundation Inc.,November 10-12, 2009,Dumaguete City;

3. Convenor/Lecturer, the PAO’s 3rd MCLE Accredited Convention of PAO Lawyers,September 28 to October 2, 2009, Manila Hotel;

4. Speaker, Forum Group Discussion: Obstruction of Justice, August 24, 2009, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City;

5. Signatory, Participant, National Summit on the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC), May 27, 2009, Philippine International Convention Center (PICC), Roxas Blvd., Pasay City;


6. Panelist/Reactor, Multi-Sectoral Seminar Workshop on Agrarian Justice for the Province of Quezon, conducted by the Agrarian Justice Foundation, March 19, 2009,Lucena City;


  • The Chief Public Attorney personally handled the following cases and/or rendered legal assistance to the following individuals, to wit:


1. The cases of the victims of the M/V Princess of the Stars maritime tragedy. Seventy-one (71) civil cases have already been filed against the owners and management of the Sulpicio Lines, Inc. (SLI) in Manila and fifty-one (51) in Cebu City. Administrative and criminal cases have also been filed against the said respondents at the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) and the Department of Justice (pursuant to Department Order No. 439, Series of 2008);

2. Legal assistance to Philippine National Police (PNP) personnel from the ranks of PO1 to PO3 who were involved in the EDSA-NIA Shoot-Out (pursuant to Department Order No. 106, Series of 2009);

3. Provisional and temporary legal assistance, i.e. taking of oath, to former Congressman, broadcast journalist and tv news anchor, Mr. Ted Failon and his driver in connection with the Trina Etong suicide case; and

4. Release of the twelve (12) remaining military personnel who were incarcerated relative to the Aquino-Galman double Murder case. By virtue of the executive clemency given to these twelve (12) incarcerated soldiers by H. E. President Gloria Macapagal- Arroyo, on February 6, 2009, two (2) of them were released and on March 4 of the same year, the remaining ten (10) were likewise freed.


  • Library Services

Several legal books and reference materials were distributed to all Regional and District Offices amounting to the aggregate amount of Php 51,695.00. On the other hand, a total amount of Php 39,032.00 was allotted to Lex Libris Subscription for the Central Office to facilitate research work.


  • PAO Equipment

PAO purchased the following office equipment in 2009:

* Airconditioner                                                                       - 17 units

* Computer Sets (with monitors and printers)                 - 312 sets

* Computer Monitors (replacement for defective units)  - 5 units

* Computer Printers                                                               - 319 units

* Copier                                                                                    - 4 units

* Fax Machines                                                                       - 18 units

* Filing Cabinets                                                                    - 27 units

* Office Chairs

Executive Chairs                                                       - 41 units

Monobloc                                                                    - 114 units

* Office Tables

Executive Desks                                                       - 56 units

* Others

Paper Shredders                                                      - 2 units

Electric Fan                                                                - 2 units


  • Re: Computers, 194 sets with printers taken from 2008 budget but delivered 2009
  • Re: Computers, 115 sets with printers for delivery. Purchased vis procurement service
  • Re: Printers, 309 units included in the total report for Computer sets purchased 10 units purchased separately as replacement for defective units