Accomplishment Report 2008
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The approval and signing of the Implementing Rules and Regulations of R.A. No. 9406 (PAO Law) on July 14, 2008, following its signing into law by H.E. President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on March 23, 2007 and its subsequent effectivity on April 15, 2007.  The PAO Law created the agency as an independent and autonomous office but attached to the DOJ for purposes of policy and program coordination.

Clients Assisted and Cases Handled:

  • Total No. of Clients Assisted: 5,068,420
  • Total No. of Cases Handled: 756,486
  • Average No. of Clients Assisted by Each Lawyer: 4,836
  • Average No. of Cases Handled by Each Lawyer: 722

Total No. of Winning Appealed Criminal Cases: 90

  • Acquittals from Death Penalty: 4
  • Acquittals from Reclusion Perpetua:  22
  • Acquittals from Reclusion Temporal:  57
  • Modification from Death Penalty to Reclusion Perpetua:  4
  • Modification from Death Penalty to Reclusion Temporal:   3

Total No. of Winning Appealed Civil and Special Cases: 162

Nationwide Jail Visitation and Decongestion Program

  • Total No. of Program Beneficiaries: 481,141
  • No. of Beneficiaries for Legal Assistance: 473,198
  • No. of Beneficiaries of Medical/Dental Assistance: 5,252
  • No. of Reading Glasses Distributed: 1,342
  • Total No. of Inmates Released: 1,349

Trainings and Seminars Attended: 172

  • Training Participants:         Lawyers:  925 Support Personnel: 10

Case Load

Out of 170,249 terminated cases, there were 127,094 or about 75\\% favorable dispositions obtained by the Public Attorneys from representing indigent clients in criminal cases alone.

  • Total number of Women Clients Assisted: 90,168
  • Total number of cases terminated: 35,070
  • Terminated Cases favorable to Women: 21,150
  • Total number of Children in Conflict with:  19,873
    the Law
    (CICL) Assisted
  • Total number of cases terminated: 6,091
  • Terminated Cases favorable to CICL: 4,050

Total No. of Communications/Response to Requests Signed by the Chief Public Attorney: 32,126

Total number of clients assisted by the PAO-National Labor Relations Commission (NLRC) Sub-Station located at Banawe, Quezon City :                                   5,265

Total number of research works and legal opinions for queries from the public that were either directly addressed or otherwise referred to the PAO: 512

Total number of administrative complaints received: 113

  • Resolved and terminated: 101

The Chief Public Attorney received the following prestigious awards, to wit:

  1. Award  of  Recognition given by ABS-CBN’s public service program, “Exklusibong Explosibong Expose (XXX)” on December 22, 2008;
  2. Outstanding Public Servant of the Year (2008) Award jointly given by the United Filipino Seafarers (UFS) and Tinig ng Marino Maritime Newspaper on December 12, 2008 at the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) Headquarters, South Harbor, Manila;
  3. Huwarang Pilipino Hall of Fame Award from the Huwarang Pilipino Foundation, Inc., DZRB, Philippine Broadcasting Service, and NBN Channel 4 on November 25, 2008 at the Occupational Safety & Health Center;
  4. Gawad  Sagisag  Quezon   jointly   given    by   the   Komisyon  sa  Wikang Filipino, Integrated Bar of the Philippines-Bulacan Chapter, and the Quezon City Academy on August 31, 2008 at the Patricia L. Monzon Studio, National Broadcasting Network, Diliman, Quezon City;
  5. Special Award for Community Service for the Year 2008 given by the Volunteers  Against Crime and Corruption at the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Commissioned Officers Club, Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City, on August 28, 2008; and
  6. Making A Difference for Women Award given by the Soroptimist International on March 24, 2008 at Crown Royale Hotel, Capitol Drive, Balanga, Bataan

Notable Cases Personally Handled and Legal Assistance Personally Rendered by the Chief Public Attorney

  1. The cases of the victims of the M/V Princess of the Stars maritime tragedy. Forty (40) civil cases have already been filed against the owners and management of the Sulpicio Lines, Inc. (SLI) in Manila and thirty-four (34) in Cebu. Administrative and criminal cases have also been filed against the said respondents at the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) ;
  2. Legal assistance to 72-year-old Ms. Elena dela Paz, aide for 45 years of the late Philippine film icon, Ms. Nida Blanca. As per DOJ Resolution dated November 11, 2008, signed by the Honorable Secretary of Justice Raul M. Gonzalez, Ms. Dela Paz was dropped as respondent in I. S. No. 2002-619, and the handling prosecutor was directed to cause her deletion from the Amended Information;
  3. Hearings of 130 MILF suspected beheaders of ten (10) marines in Basilan;
  4. Release by Petition for Habeas Corpus of six (6) babies detained at the Chinese General Hospital from unpaid hospital bills; and
  5. Release of Norberto Manero, Jr.

Legal Books and reference materials were distributed to Regional and District Offices amounting to the aggregate amount of Php 1,163,212.00.  On the other hand, a total amount of Php209,664.00 was allotted to Lex Libris Subscription for the Central Office as well as to Regional Offices to facilitate research work.

PAO Equipment

PAO purchased the following office equipment in 2008:

  • Filing Cabinet  -    154 units
  • Fax Machine -    23 units
  • Punching/Binding Machine  -    1 unit
  • Pistol  -    5 units
  • Computer Table -    3 units
  • Computer Chair   -    1 unit
  • Senior Executive Chair  -    2 units
  • Computer Printer   -    26 units
  • Computer Monito  -    5 units
  • Bundy Clock  -    2 units
  • Copier  -    3 units
  • Aircon  -    8 units
  • Safety Vault -    1 unit
  • Clerical Desk  -    1 unit
  • Refrigerator  -    1 unit
  • Computer Set   -    127 units