Accomplishment Report 2007
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  • Enactment and signing of R.A. No. 9406 (PAO Law) by H. E. President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on March 23, 2007.  The PAO Law has become effective on April 15, 2007 and created   PAO as an independent and autonomous office but attached to the DOJ for purposes of policy and program coordination.
  • Clients Assisted and Cases Handled:
    •    Total No. of Clients Assisted: 4,382,611
    •    Total No. of Cases Handled:  599,076
    •    Average No. of Clients Assisted by Each Lawyer: 4,182
    •    Average No. of Cases Handled by Each Lawyer:     572
  • Total No. of Acquittals & Prisoners Released from Jail:  86,593
    •    Acquitted : 13,265
    •    Demurrer to Evidence granted: 2,075
    •    Provisionally Dismissed: 38,354
    •    Dismissed: 2,149
    •    Granted with Probation: 8,400
    •    Motion to Quash granted: 1,504
    •    Released on Recognizance: 4,549
    •    Released on other grounds: 6,297
  • Total No. of Winning Appealed Criminal Cases: 145
    •    Acquittals from Death Penalty: 10
    •    Acquittals from Reclusion Perpetua: 44
    •    Acquittals from Reclusion Temporal: 58
    •    Modification from Death Penalty to Reclusion Perpetua: 23
    •    Modification from Death Penalty to Reclusion Temporal: 10
  • Total No. of  Winning Appealed Civil Cases: 408
  • Nationwide Jail Visitation and Decongestion Program
    •    Total No. of Program Beneficiaries: 490,331
    •    No. of Beneficiaries for Legal Assistance: 391,942
    •    No. of Beneficiaries for Medical/Dental Assistance: 6,356
    •    No. of Reading Glasses Distributed: 2,339
    •    Total No. of Inmates Released: 89,694
  • Trainings and Seminars: 104
  • Training Participants:  1,773 lawyers and 54 support personnel
  • Development of Manuals for CICL and VAWC Cases - supported by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) thru Mr. Nicholas Alipui, its Country Representative and the trust reposed upon the PAO by Atty. Alberto T. Muyot, the UNICEF’s Child Protection Specialist. 

    1) “Standard Office Procedures in Extending Legal Assistance to Women and Their Children Subjected to Violence under Republic Act No. 9262 and other Related Laws;” and,

    2) “Standard Office Procedures in Extending Legal Assistance to Children in Conflict with the Law under Republic Act No. 9344 and other Related Laws”.     
  • Case Load

    Out of the 146,301 terminated cases, there were 108,635 or about 74\\\\\\% favorable dispositions obtained by the public defenders from representing indigent clients in criminal cases alone.

    Total number of women clients assisted        -    79,050
            Total number of cases terminated        -    39,085

    Total number of children in conflict with        
             the law  (CICL) assisted            -    19,125
            Total number of cases terminated        -      7,364
            Terminated cases favorable to CICL           -    5,806 (79\\\\\\%)
  • Total No. of Communications/Response to
    Requests Signed by the Chief Public Attorney        27,268
  • The Chief Public Attorney received the following prestigious awards, to wit:
    1.  International Gusi Peace Prize 2007 for working for people’s amelioration, to find peaceful solutions to advocate social justice and humanitarian law in the Philippines, from the Gusi Peace Prize Foundation given on November 21, 2007 at the Meralco Theatre, Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City; and

    2.  Huwarang Pilipino Grand Achievement Award 2007 given by DZRB-Radyo ng Bayan and Huwarang Pilipino Foundation, Inc. on December 11, 2007 at the Occupational Safety and Health Center (OSHC), North EDSA, Diliman, Quezon City.
  • The Chief Public Attorney attended the following conferences/programs outside the Philippines, to wit:

    1.  Participant/Speaker, International Corrections and Prisons Association’s (ICPA) 9th Annual General Meeting and Conference, October 21-26, 2007, Imperial Queen’s Park Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand; and

    2.   Participant/Presentor/Discussant, Discussion on Criminal Justice and the Situation of the Public Attorney’s Office in the Philippines, July 16-19, 2007, Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) Office, Hong Kong.
  • Legal books and reference materials were distributed to Regional and District Offices amounting to the aggregate amount of Php 468,672.22.  On the other hand, a total amount of Php 390,768.00 was allotted to Lex Libris Subscription for the Central Office as well as to Regional Offices to facilitate research work.
  • PAO Equipment

    PAO purchased and distributed the following office equipments in 2007:
    •    Computer Units            -        65 units
    •    Binding Machine            -        1 unit
    •    Computer Monitor        -        2 units
    •    Printers                -        85 units
    •    HP Scanners            -        1 unit
    •    Facsimile Machines        -        15 units
    •    Paper Shredder            -        1 unit
    •    Filing Cabinets 2 drawers    -        3 units
    •    Airconditioning Units        -        1 unit
    •    Copying Machines        -        90 units
    •    Computer Tables            -        52 units
    •    Computer Chairs         -        21 units

  • Total number of clients assisted by the PAO-National Labor Relations Commission (NLRC) Sub-Station located at Banawe, Quezon City: 2,681
  • Total number of research works and legal opinions for queries from the public that were either directly addressed or otherwise referred to the PAO: 170
  • Total number of administrative complaints received: 122
    • Resolved and terminated: 104